Friday, August 27, 2010

Fantastic Friday Family Finds

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I have found such a plethora of information on my family history is just the past few days, that I just might be suffering from information overload.   Keeping track of what I found where, and just exactly when, not to mention the question of WHO it pertains to, is going to become a problem.  Luckily, Mother was kind enough to send me her extra copy of Microsoft One Note.  I think this program is really going to help.  I can save web pages to One note notebooks, and organize them by family name.  Although that may not be enough, because so many of the names tie together, back and forth through the generations.  At times it can get a tad bit mind boggling.

I think I will try to set the notebooks up as “Descendants Of”  type of thing, and formatting them as family fact sheets, like I have seen done elsewhere.   This may be the best way for me to be able to follow along with where I am in the process, and not “lose” any of the information I find.  Until I can get everything entered into Legacy Family Tree, and my sources cited thoroughly, I won’t be satisfied. 

One of the interesting thing I found, was a couple of sites that list the church in Ohiowa Nebraska, where many of my family immigrated to, by way if Missouri, Illinois, Pennsylvania, and so many other places.   The church was founded by 14 pioneer families, many of which were direct ancestors of mine.  The history lists them very prominently, and even lists a few of the firsts for the church.  One of those firsts, just happens to be the first burial.  No big deal right.  Well that first burial, just happens to be the infant son of my Great Great Great Grandfather.  The other thing I found there was a complete record of baptisms, many of which were my ancestors and their offspring.  I’m finding that the Schweer family was heavily involved with this church.

For tonight though, I am forcing myself to take a break.  Because I’m already seeing double, and having some trouble concentrating.  Concentration is one thing I will definitely need as I work toward inputting all this data.  I wish everyone a happy healthful weekend, filled with productive research.

Quote of the Day:
Commerce is the great civilizer. We exchange ideas when we exchange fabrics.
--Robert Green Ingersoll

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