Sunday, August 1, 2010

Following The Footprints In Time.

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The roots of the strongest trees run deeper than others.  I am searching out my own roots, trying to find all those branches, that lead back to my family.  There is something satisfying about learning that you can trace your personal history back in time  The farther you go, the more satisfying the feeling.  Even more fun, is when you discover a character of significance in your lineage.  A person who had made a real contribution to this world. 

These roots are not always exposed, and easy to see.  Quite the contrary, they usually lay hidden under a fine coat of dirt and soil just waiting for someone to uncover them.  The problem is, they don’t always want to be found it seems.  At times, it feels like your trying to track a snake across thousands of feet of shelf rock.  You have to be inquisitive and imaginative to follow the trail, for at time it’s not the tracks themselves your following, but just a hint of where they were.

I’m using everything at my disposal to accomplish this feat.  The internet is one of the best and most useful tools, but it can be deceiving and frustrating at times also.  I spend hours, searching for the information that is in abundance, free for the viewing.  I try hard to avoid the sites that require a costly membership or subscription.  I have found many, and I’m sure will find more.  I wish to share these resources, so others involved in the same effort can make use of them.  If you know of any such sites, please share them with me, and I will be sure to share them with my readers. 

I will be posting articles with information about my effort, and the results of my search on my own family tree.  I will share pictures when I have them, and documents as I find them.  As I go along, please feel free to leave comments on the posts, and share your insights into the process of a genealogical endeavor.   Be sure to visit my Links pages, and check the list of names to see if they correlate with any of your own research.  I would like this site to become a tool for those just starting out, and perhaps a fun community for anyone else to enjoy.  If you have a blog on your own genealogy, please let me know, and I will place a link to it on my pages.  You can use a comment form, or click the Contact me button at the top to send me an email.

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tashabud said...

It has to be a labor of love in order to do what you're doing. I'm glad that you'll be sharing your links as you find the right places.


Eric S. said...

It is amazing the way this has entered my life. Right when I needed it the most. Something to keep my mind occupied and active. It's becoming a passion, or maybe an addiction, faster than I imaged possible.

Titania said...

My husbands family tree has been researched back to the 15th century. Mine is still buried under layers of dust. Good luck with your ancestors hunt.

Eric S. said...

Thanks Titania. I have an advantage in that much of the process was started by other members of the family. So I have pretty good information to go off. I have so far extend what we already knew about my Mothers side back to 1455. I'm currently following up information that may links us to another family that goes back to 1190.