Saturday, August 7, 2010

Generation After Generation, A Sepia Saturday

Four GenrationsFour Generation of Jeffries, sitting in  the same room, Probably not so uncommon in this day and age, but in 1899?  I just wish the picture was a little better, and hadn’t cropped out Great, Great, Great Grandmother.  The baby is my Grandfathers Sister, Maree, She is sitting on My Great Grandmother Sara Alverda, Aka; Bom Bom (Moore) Jeffries lap.  On her left is Great, Great, Grandma Mary Elizabeth (Tipton) Jeffries, and then Great, Great, Great, Grandma Sarah Caroline (Wright) Jeffries. 

The Jeffries immigrated to the US from Nova Scotia, eventually settling on a dairy farm in eastern Colorado, Logan County, by way of Missouri, Kentucky, and Iowa.   Bom Bom, said many times that the family was descended of the Virginia Lee’s, but not that “Traitorous Robert E Lee”.  We have traced the line back to a Sarah C. Wright, who is the daughter of Robert and Elizabeth (Lee) Wright, who is the daughter of a Phillip Lee.  Now it’s interesting to note, Henry (Light Horse Harry) Lee III had a son named Phillip.  And a second or third cousin of Henry Lee II,  Francis Lightfoot Lee II, also a son named Phillip,  Francis was named for his his fathers, Richard Henry Lee, brother, Francis Lightfoot Lee.  Of course since we don’t know the Date of birth or other specifics of OUR Phillip Lee, there is no way to tell.  

Sarah Caroline (Wright) Jeffries was married to James  M. Jeffries.  According to Census records, they had 10 children, seems to be a popular number in those days.  John Thomas, Mary Eliza, Clainda Margaret, Johnathon Oscar (My Great Great Grandfather), Jessie A., Greenberry, Benton, Sara James, Caroline Lee, Palmetta Dixie.

Mary Elizabeth (Tipton) Jeffries, was Married to Johnathon O. Jeffries.  They had two Children, Sarah Alverda (Bom Bom), and Ora Lee.  The 1900 US Census, has them living in Logan County Colorado, and listing their place of birth, or origin as Missouri and Kentucky.  Sarah Alverda and Ora Lee were born in Iowa, according to the same census.  According to a US Land Grant for 162 acres in Logan county, assigned to Johnathon O. Jeffries, we know they were in Logan County by Aug 1, 1893.
Craighton and Sarah A Moore
Sarah Alverda,   Bom Bom, Met and married my Great Grandfather Moore in Eastern Colorado.  Shortly afterward they moved to Victor Colorado.  Bom Bom, became a school teacher, and Creighton a mine engineer.  They lived in Victor for almost nine years, and had 4 children, 2 boys and 2 girls.  On Aug, 14, Sarah A and Walter Moore1914,  Creighton fell to his death in a mine accident.  We have the death certificate, and a few news paper clippings about the incident.  Apparently, the crew was riding the cage to the surface.  One member of the crew became lightheaded and lost his balance.  Great Grandfather Moore, reached out to save the young man, pulling him back on the cage, but in the process struck his head on some shaft supports, and fell to his death.  Shortly after that, a cousin of my Great Grandfather, Walter Moore, married Sarah Alverda Bom Bom, and they moved to Denver to raise the children.  My Grandfather was about five years old at the time.
Cynthis with her firdt Great Granddaughter
Of course, we now have a new generation just recently started.  My Niece is the  first of the family to start the new generation.  Libby Jo, is the newest budding leaf on our family tree.  I’m going to have to figure out how to get a four generation picture of them.  Until then, Here is a picture of my Mother, holding her first Great Grandbaby.

This was taken on Mothers day this year.  A nice surprise for Mom.   And of course the proud mother, Kassi and Libby. 
Kassi & Libby
For more fun pictures, and fabulous stories, please see the other sites who participate in Sepia Saturday.   For those of you who are regular to Sepia Saturday, welcome to my new site, Footprints In Time, dedicated to the history and genealogy of my family.  You know me from Ruminations of a Small Town Mountain Boy.


Tattered and Lost said...

Love the baby in that first shot. The rest are so dour looking, no doubt following the photographers admonition to remain still. But the baby is too joyful to pay attention.

Very nice.

Vicki Lane said...

You are doing a good job in tracing your family story! Thanks for sharing the wonderful pictures!

Eric S. said...

@ Tattered and Lost, They do have that dour look don't they. Could you imagine how much trouble it was to get ready for this picture.

@ Vicki Lane, Thanks, I'm sure having a lot of fun with it.

Marilyn said...

What wonderful photos and history. I have always been interested in family history and started me genealogy research many years ago although I haven't done any recently. I am impressed with all the information you have in this post.
Thanks you for visiting my blog and leaving a message.

Alan Burnett said...

Your new site is very impressive - a great addition. Your stories are even more impressive and fascinating to read. The wonderful thing about family history is that the interest is not just in the fact that these people are relations - it is the stories that their history tells, stories relevant to all of us.

tony said...

you know, it's obvious but something that never occured to me before, how few old photos you see of several generations together.
Beautiful People.

Barbara and Nancy said...

Such an interesting story about Creighton. He definitely was a hero. Mining is such a dangerous business.
A hero and two darling babies in one post!

Eric S. said...

@ Marilyn, Thank you. I've but just recently gotten serious about this project. For many years I was curious, but had not really put any effort into the research, I wish I had though.

@ Alan, Thank you so much, I've been working on it for most of the week. You are so right, it's the stories that I'm really searching for. Stories that paint the picture of the past, long before my time. I want so much to "see" the struggles, joys, sorrows, and triumphs.

@ Tony, Thanks, your right , That is what struck me when I found this picture.

@ Barbara and Nancy, Thank you, Creighton has become a fixed picture for me now. Someone tangible that I can look at and say "this is what my people were made of", even though I had never met him. I hope eventually to be able to share this feeling with future generations in some way.

Pat transplanted to MN said...

You could have titled this post from yesterday to today, easily! Lots of detail there. I believe you will get those 4 generations into one photo sometime soon. Thanks for sharing history and photos in one post. There is a town, Creighton, in PA where I grew up, I had not considered it being a person's first name before but after reading your blog, I learned something....

Eric S. said...

Interesting that there is a town named that in Pa. The Moores and Pitts did come through Pa, and Ill. Sometimes, I have to just write out the information I find. I don't know why, but it seems to help me catalog it in my mind. Thanks Pat.


nice job you're doing here. something to leave to future generations as well. that's the beauty of internet.

Nancy said...

Maree looks just too happy for words in the first photo. Don't you wonder what brought on that great smile?

Eric S. said...

@ Ticklebear, thanks. One of the reasons I'm doing this. I know how hard it is for me to find information about my ancestors. I want to leave that legacy already figured out for them.

@ Nancy, You bet, she at least was happy about the circumstances, LOL. No one else looked to be in equal spirits.

Titania said...

Very interesting to read your family's history. It is time consuming to search out all the bits and pieces and sometime one arrives literally at a dead end. It is lovely to see the generations. A good thing the family is still here and growing.

Eric S. said...

Thanks Titania, It is time consuming, and I've hit a lot of those dead ends. I just keep trying. I recently killed one dead end, and now have to enter the data and facts about that line. It is so satisfying when I stumble across that one little hidden link that turns out to be a block buster.

a Vintage Cottage said...

Wow it is beautiful to have 4 generation in one room at the same time. Not common at all, even now.
I wish my mom was around to see my girls, she passed away before they arrived in this world. What a great pic.
The baby looks delighted!

Eric S. said...

I thought so too, V.C. I think these days, it's just hard to get every one in the same place.