Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Getting Carried Away With Research

Ahnenblatt Family Tree Example

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I’ve spent the last few hours doing even more research.  I found a new site, thanks to Genealogy Wise, during a chat session, I was lurking.   Tribal Pages, is another family tree web site, where you can enter your family tree manually, or if you have one, upload a GEDCOM file.  You can search the web site for names in other trees that might match yours, or search birth and death records.  The search functions are pretty easy and simple.  It provides a series of possible matches, and you have to go browse them to see if what kind of possibilities there are. 

I found a couple of possible, and sent a request for information to the tree owner.   If this goes as all the other sites have, I will probably be finding more information to add to my “to Research and Document” pile.  I have been so surprised at how helpful all the genealogy geeks like me are.  Everyone seems to want to help each other out, and share in your success. 

Another interesting note.  A distant relative has found my profile on Genealogy Wise, and contacted me.  We are now talking back and forth and sharing information.  Her husbands Grandmother was my paternal Great Great Grandfathers sister.  How about that!  They are even planning  a Schweer Family Reunion in Nebraska next year, and I might even get an invitation.

I’m going to have to really get serious about inputting my data on Legacy, a software I downloaded to help me.  Then I’ll just export GEDCOM files, and upload them to the Tribal pages site.  I can even invite family members, and do all kinds of neat things like a family newsletter and different reports, and so on.  I think my biggest issue, will be making myself stop researching, and get the tedious stuff done.  The sooner the better, because I have really got a stack growing, seemingly every day.

Wishing everyone success on your searches, with few brick walls or dead ends.

"Intuition becomes increasingly valuable in the new information society precisely because there is so much data." – John Naisbitt, via Quotations Book.

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