Tuesday, August 31, 2010

I need to find the links that bind!

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Well, Manic Monday turned into one heck of a day.  I found yet another Schweer tree on RootsWeb, and it just so happens that most of them are from the same general area of Germany as my Ancestors.  So that makes a total of three trees, containing around 30-40 Schweer’s each, that all lived within a 15 to 20 mile radius of each other in Germany.  Each tree is missing information from different generations, and sibling information on a lot of them.  One of the things I keyed in on was the same use of given names as my own ancestors.    This leads me to believe that the three trees, are very likely connected, I just have to find the links.

I spent nearly 15 hours last night, digging through each of these trees.  I kept searching for that common link that would connect them.   The interesting part about it is My trees solid information ends around 1720, prior to that I have very limited data other than names, and guesses as to the year of birth.  One of the trees, starts around a little before the time mine ends, and goes back four generations.  The other start’s even farther prior to that, so if I can just find the information for about two generation between each set of trees, I bet I can connect them.

I plan on starting a series of letter writing campaigns to churches around the area.  I will very politely ask for help researching records to find information.  Until I can get all of this figured out, I will continue digging through these trees, and send off a couple of emails to others who have listed the Schweer surname as a research topic. 

I was so involved with what I was digging through, I completely forgot to post an article here, nor my other blogs.  I was amazed at just how fast the night disappeared, and the sun rose without my knowledge.


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