Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Introducing Wednesdays Genea-Blog Round Up!

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I’m going to start a Wednesday series, very similar to what I used to do on Ruminations of a Small Town Mountain Boy.  Over there, I wrote a series called Monday’s Writers Of The Web to share the sites I found in my web travels.  I get around quite a bit, and make a habit of bookmarking sites I find interesting so I can come back to read them. Now it’s important to remember, that was a couple of years ago, when I had just started blogging, trying to find my footing and define a voice.  I listed a number of fun and interesting blogs, many of which were poetry or writing sites.

Now that I have caught this Genealogy bug, and it’s doosy, I thought I might start the same thing with the Genealogy blogs I find.  I’ve already got too many to count book marked for just this purpose.  I’ve even stumbled across a few that do the same thing. 

The first one I’ll list, most of you “old time” Genealogy blogger probably already know about.  GenaBloggers, is a site that has an amazing amount of information, hints, tips, and listings of fellow genealogy bloggers.  It’s a great place for the beginner to familiarize themselves with other bloggers who appreciate the same endeavors.  You’ll find anything from helpful suggestions on how to use FaceBook and many other social networks to help you research your ancestors, to ideas for daily blog themes or memes.   The author, Thomas MacEntee, also has another blog, Bootcamp For Genea-Bloggers.  There he has a collection of technical help posts, suggesting ways to get your Genealogy blog up and running.  He’s developing a technology section at GenaBloggers, but will be keeping Bootcamp For Genea-Blogger up so people can access the archives, that is loaded with all kinds of tips and tricks.

One of the things I love about genealogy blogs and genea-blogging, is finding the “stories” people tell of their ancestors or relatives.  It’s part of what got me started in this wild little niche of family historians.  I can remember sitting, fascinated while dad told stories of his family, unfortunately that didn’t happen too often, he was such a quiet man.   Mom on the other hand, can sure tell some stories.  This is the reason I really enjoy the little family history sites that are out there, sometimes hiding right there in plain view, just waiting to be read and appreciated.   This next site, Our Family History, by genealogy blogger, Dana Huff, is one of those family history sites .  You’ll find everything from genealogy, family stories such as Letter From Gertrude Perkins Lightle to Daughter Bessie April 6, 1940, to Childhood Memories.  Just the kind of posts I like to read.  There’s something about these stories, and old letters or documents that just draw me in, capturing my imagination.

Now lets bounce on over to yet another journey to find family roots, Elyse’s Genealogy, I just love her name, kind of rolls right off the tongue. She posts a lot of helpful information, and has started a mailing list for genealogy, it’s simple and easy to sign up for.  Check out her post, Think That Message Board Post Won’t Help, Think Again, this is the current post at the time of writing this.   I’m linking it because there is some very good hints and suggestions on how to post queries on the message boards, and at some point later, a reader of this article may not see that post.  Her site is well worth the visit, and I’m going to have to spend some time digging through her archives.

Well now, That should be good for an introduction to Wednesdays Genea-Blog Round Up.  I’ll try to post this series every Wednesday evening.  Just so everyone knows, I usually do all my posts in the evening or late night.  I’m not a “functional” morning person, so most of my fun is at night.  Enjoy your research, hope every one finds a few missing links to break down those pesky brick walls.

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tashabud said...

It's amazing to learn that genealogy blogs are everywhere in the blogosphere. Thanks for sharing. I know where to go if I ever get into it myself.


Eric S. said...

Believe me, I was amazed at how many are out there. I just never looked for them before. I'm going to make a solid list eventually.