Sunday, August 29, 2010

A Successful and Silent Sunday

Wilhelm an Sophie Schweer 1918 Last week, I mentioned that I had found a lot of information on the Schweer name.  I thought I would share the sites where I found this information.  One of them is the Fillmore County Nebraska GenWeb site, where I found the baptismal records for the Grace Evangelical Lutheran Church in Ohiowa Nebraska.  Part of what I found interesting, is that my ancestors, three generations of them, were among the founding families of that church.  Within that listing, are a very large number of names, that are tied to my family tree, if not my gene pool.   Finding that record, actually allowed me to tie certain cemetery records from other places in the US in to my own family.  The person responsible for setting up and maintaining Fillmore County Nebraska GenWeb page is Sharlene Miller, who also authors a blog by the title of Midwest Genealogy.  I was impressed with both sites, and like her layout and organization of information.  I even left her a comment on her blog, thanking her for her hard work.

The other site, is called, and is probably one of the most information filled sites I have found on the web.  She has posted so much genealogical data in a very easily navigated and understandable format than I could even believe.  I was amazed at the fact that she even posted information from her research that did not necessarily pertain to her own family.  Many of the surnames, she lists, just barely graze her family tree, yet she took the effort of record the data so anyone else could find it.  I have spent probably around 24 ours over the last two to three weeks, just sifting through her information, and finding common and direct links to my family.  I was able to print off family group sheet information, and save a few photos I may never have found if not for her.  I’m find that I’ve been citing her site and many of the specific pages within it in my source writer far more frequently than many other sources.

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