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Surname Saturday; Moore

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One of the surnames, that gives me so much trouble is Moore.   I suppose it’s because of the commonality of the name itself.  The earliest record I have is of a George Moore in Gays River, Nova Scotia.  He is listed as the father of Samuel (Mar 14, 1839), my great grandfather X 2, and David Moore (1853) .  We know that George was born around 1808, and later married Elizabeth Frame (Born 1813). 

This is where things tend to get interesting.  The history of Colchester County in Nova Scotia, lists the first settlers of Gays River as Daniel and William McHeffy, George Moore, William Cook, and Robert Blades sometime around 1780.  In April 1806, plots of land were surveyed for Peter and James Hawthorne, and George Moore,  On February 25, 1812, Elizabeth Moore, was granted 500 acres of land and Samuel Moore was granted 250 Acres, both in a kings land grant for the Gays River area.

All three names are heavily used through the years to name the Moore Children.  This leads me to wonder?  Are they the father and uncle of my George, or perhaps even the Grandfather, Grandmother, and Father on my George.  All purely speculation on my part at this point, but it is a spark of interest that keeps me looking.  I wouldn’t say that it has become a brick wall, maybe an obsession is more accurate, for there is a lot of information out there.  I think what it’s going to come down to is being able to sort it all out, and follow the tracks to links them together.  Truly a case of following the footprints through time.

We know from family lore and records, that our Moore’s hailed from England and tended to marry Irish and Scottish ladies.   It is also suggested in the family stories, that we settled the Gays River area in Nova Scotia.  During the settlement times of Canada, the king encouraged settlers from England in an effort to counter the influence of the settlers from the disgruntled and rebellious American colonies.  I have found a few references in passenger lists to a George Moore sailing from the American Colonies, but without the ability to confirm the information, it has left making guesses as to where and when our Moore line came from.  When I search England information, George Moore was evidently a very popular name, and shows up all over the place.   

I wish you all success on your surname searches, and hopefully very few brick walls or dead ends.  If you have information on the Moore name, or even on Frame, please contact me, perhaps we can assist each other.  Don’t forget to grab a feed, either by reader or email, so you can get my updates as they are posted.  Have a wonderful weekend.

“We have for the first time an economy based on a key resource [Information] that is not only renewable, but self-generating. Running out of it is not a problem, but drowning in it is.” – John Naisbitt, via Quotations Book.

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