Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Wednesday’s Genealogy Blog Round-up #2

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Wow, it’s already Wednesday again , time sure flies when your having fun.   Time for Wednesday’s Genealogy Blog Round-Up.  Well lets get on with then, times a wasting.  First off I’m going to share a site that has been showing me some great information just about everyday.  DearMYRTLE’s Genealogy Blog, seems to always have some fresh and helpful information.  Take today's post for instance, #FGS10 : Luncheon Features National Archivist (US), I learned all about the many different sections of the National Archives that are now posting information on blogs and other social networks.  They are all working toward digitization of historical files, like the 1812 pension files, so the general public can get free access to them.  You know me, I’m all for free access to historical files such as these.  I learned there was a special fund that was set up to support digitization of historical records.  It’s called FGS Malcolm H. Stern-NARA Gift Fund, and they are accepting donations, so jump on over there and read up on this genealogy benefiting fund.   You might also check out this post at the National Archives, listing the respective blogs and social media sites controlled by them.  So you see, I really did learn a lot of things at MYRTLE’s today.

Next up is GenealogyBlog, another fabulous source of information about genealogical sites and locations.  I have found that they seem to keep abreast of all information pertaining to the digitization of historical records.  Many of the individual states have started the process of digitization, and you can most likely find information about your own state here.  There’s always articles about unique places to visit for research, and where to go to find the information your interested in. 

Here’s one for all you Aussie’s out there, and I know there is a lot of you surfing around the web.  Genealogy and History, highlights news and product announcements in Australia. I haven’t had to do any searches in OZ yet, but I have noticed that many of the surnames I’m interested in , pop up in Australia also.   Of course this shouldn’t surprise me, many of my ancestors came from England, which is where many of the Aussie’s hail from also.  Who knows perhaps I’ll end up linking some of the decadency of my ancestors to them.  I keep tabs on a few blogs in OZ, mainly because I have a niece that has decided that OZ is for her.

Well, that should do it for this Wednesday, be sure to check back, to see what I come up with next.  This weekend, I’m going to focus on getting my links pages straight, so if you have a genealogy blog, drop me an email or comment, so I can add you.  Don’t forget, you can always grab my feed, or have my posts delivered by email, it’s free.  See the top right side of the page to subscribe. Have a great evening, and happy genea-hunting.

“If history repeats itself, and the unexpected always happens, how incapable must Man be of learning from experience!” – George Bernard Shaw, via QuotationsBook

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