Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Wednesday’s Genealogy Blog Round Up #3

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Wednesday has rolled around once again, sneaking up on me like a stalker in the night.  I have been so busy entering data in my new genealogy program, Legacy Family Tree, that time just got away from me.  Next thing I knew, it’s almost 8:30 PM, and I still have a post to write, actually a couple.  So let me see if I can get myself in line, and share a few sites I’ve found.  The three blogs I’m highlighting tonight, are blogs I came across over the weekend while browsing through the GeneaBloggers feed for Sentimental Sundays.  I hope you enjoy them as much as I did.

First up is Lucie’s Legacy, a fellow researcher of Canadian ancestral ties, however her ancestors were French Canadian, and mine were English, Irish, Scottish, and probably a few other “breed’s” thrown in for good measure.   Over at Lucie’s, you’ll find some grand memories of time with her “Papa”, and some great family history.  Now the old softy that I am, of I course gravitated to her memories first off.  She shared a wonderful story about her Father, in a post entitled Papa and Me.  It was one of those articles, that just might have brought a tear to my eye, but I’ll never admit to it.  I really enjoyed her latest article, A Tale of Two Families, where she related the events leading up to a discovery of information she had been looking for, for some time.  Her site is well worth the time it takes to investigate her archives, who knows what rich stories may be found.

The next site I’ll share is written by a pretty energetic genealogist.  Random Relatives, is authored by DianaR, and she shares many of the tricks she finds while doing her own genealogy.  You can find all kinds of useful information here, and quite a few very helpful on line tools and web sites.  She recently wrote about her research into her German roots.  One of the tools she learned about is an on-line map of the German Empire,  that is housed at the University of Wisconsin of all places.  I can tell you I would probably never have found this map site, if not for reading Diana’s article.   It’s these little hidden tools that make genealogical research so much easier.   I’m going to have to spend some time, trolling through her archives, see if I can find any other little secrets to make my life simpler. 

Next up is a fun little site called Sassy Jane Genealogy, authored by, who else but Sassy Jane!  Sassy Jane is a librarian, and has some pretty helpful tips on genealogy research.  For instance, she did a post on Planning a Genealogical Research Trip, where she highlighted a pretty well thought out list of suggestions, “From a librarians point of view”.  She also announces the release of new resources, such as an on-line index of naturalization records, including over 400,000 declarations of intention, the paperwork that will have the most information about ancestors.  You can read about it on her post Cook County Illinois Naturalization Index Online.  

Well, that should be enough for this evening, and I have no idea where the last 2 hours went.  The only thing I can say, is that I kept having problems with my Firefox browser.  The newest version has a few bugs that need to be worked out I guess.  Anyhow, enough of my pitiful excuses, and here’s to hoping you have a wonderful night, and some really productive research.

Quote of the Day:
”ARH!! I found it!”
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