Saturday, August 14, 2010

A Weekend For Wedding Pictures

This Saturday, is not only my wedding anniversary, of which I posted some pictures over at Ruminations of a Small Town Mountain Boy, but also my mothers birthday.  So I figured I would post pictures of her and Dad’s wedding, Dec, 29, 1956.  They were married in Denver, Co., actually Westminster.  It was shortly after Dad returned from service in the Air Force in Germany, during the Korean War.  They were very much in love with each other at the time, however they sadly fell out of love later in life, and divorced. 

One of the things I like about their wedding pictures, is that my Grandparents on both side are there in the pictures.  Something that seems not to be too prevalent in

our family pictures.  I suppose it’s not uncommon, but it would have been nice to have seen more a combined family of the two.   There were also some great pictures of the whole entourage.  It seems they had a fairy large wedding.

This has been a Sepia Saturday post, to see even more old photos, go visit the site, and follow Mr. Linky.


Nancy said...

They are beautiful wedding photographs. It's sad the marriage didn't last.

Eric S. said...

That they were, and yes it's sad, but these things happen.

Vicki Lane said...

I have a similar picture of my parents' wedding in 1941 with all four of their parents included. A nice idea!

tashabud said...

That's the hardest thing when two people fall out of love, isn't it? They were meant to be together in the beginning, though, to have you and your siblings brought into this world first.

Beautiful pictures from the past indeed. It's a good thing that they even survived after your parents split up. Thanks for sharing.

Happy Anniversary again.


Eric S. said...

@ Vicki, isn't it neat to find pictures of them all together, in one big happy moment in time.

@ Tashabud, It's one of those things that seems to happen from time to time. Probably colored my views on marriage for a long time. Thanks.

L. D. Burgus said...

It is still good that you have preserved her the parents and grandparents, held in time in 1956.

Eric S. said...

Thanks L.D. These are some of the best pictures I have.