Sunday, September 5, 2010

Sentimental Sunday; The Grandfather I Remember

Grandpa and Grandma Schweer's 50 th aniversaryA couple a weeks ago, I posted an article about my Fathers unfortunate accident while hunting with his grandfather.  Now let me tell you about how I remember my Grandfather.  Who was a very loving, playful, joking and crafty man.

Grandpa was a creative man, always working in his wood shop located in the basement of their house.  I can recall a number of visits when he had just finished making a series of puzzles he had seen in stores.  You know the ones, made of metal, in different shapes.  They generally had two to three parts, and the challenge was to separate the parts.   Grandpa would see these things somewhere, and think to himself, “I can make that!”.  He had all the tools he needed, and many of them were put together by using parts of other things.  He had a wood lathe, table saw, drill press, sanding wheels and belts, and many metal working tools also. 

Grandpa had been a railroad engineer until he retired.  I can remember he was gone for long periods of time, at least to me, in my very young mind, it was long periods of time.  Through out his wood shop were small trains, models or toys.  I seem to remember one mounted on a track that went around the ceiling of the woodshop, but I could be wrong on that. 

He also had a pool table in the basement, that he would practice on.  He could make just about every trick shot in the book.  The other thing I have fond memories of, is the garden they had in the back yard.  A huge vegetable garden, with everything you could imagine.  Tall corn stalks, and other vegetables grown fresh, just can’t be beat.

Grandpa was also an avid fisherman, and would make a practice of being among the first of  the season to fish Jefferson Lake.  He fished many of the reservoirs in South Park, I think mainly because we lived there, and very seldom came to Denver.  He had an old black Ford pick up truck with a red interior.   I don’t think I ever saw that truck dirty, or in disrepair.  There was of course a small fishing boat, but I don’t recall ever being out on it. 

I can remember him joking around with us kids, when we did make it to Denver for a visit.  One of the best memories I have, is of when he retired.   He had a lot of time on his hands, and had started to feed a squirrel that frequented the yard, or possibly the park near their house.  Eventually he made friends with that little guy, and it would come up and take food right from his hand.   I remember it even visiting on his shoulder, to Grandmothers despair.

The picture above, was taken at Grandpa and Grandma’s 50 th wedding anniversary, Dec 1979.  From left to right is Grandpa (Travis), Grandma (Elaine), Aunt Catherine, Dad (Lanny), Aunt Gail.


kkipp said...

Grrrr . . . I just wrote a long post full of memories of Grandpa and Blogger just apologized for not being able to 'complete my request.'

Arrrrgggghhhhh . . . I've run out of time, can't rewrite today. Blast it all to heck (that wasn't the first word I chose).

*sigh* Thanks for rekindling those memories. He was very dear to me.



Eric S. said...

I have that happen often, it's so... aggravating. I've found that if I plan on doing a long reply, it's best to write it out in Note Pad, and the cut and past.

Not to worry, I'll be hitting you up for memories of Gram and Gramp very soon.

kkipp said...

Good idea on using Note Pad. I've started using MSWord to capture longer posts prior to submitting them.

Unfortunately, my writing muse is as fickle as my painting/drawing muse, and ofttimes leaves me adrift for long periods.