Sunday, September 12, 2010

Sunday Thoughts and Questions

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Sitting here, listening to music streamed through the internet, enjoying a quiet Sunday morning, a funny thought struck me.  Was music important to my ancestors?  From many of the stories I’ve read, it was an important part of their life, just not as easily accessed as today.  One of the book’s I've read, “Memories of Elsie, 1887-1987” pointed out in the memories of individual families, that enjoying music was a regular thing. Granted they had to go somewhere to do so, unless they were lucky enough to have a family member graced with the gift of music.

Mothers own memoirs mention the music she enjoyed while in Central America.  She stated how beautiful and captivating it was, and how it had given her an appreciation of music she still holds to this day.   Music played on guitar, with someone singing along to add the melody of life.  A little thing that was as common to her as turning on the radio is to me.

In the early days, they had to wait for a dance or party to enjoy the soothing benefits of music.  I suppose many of them learned to play an instrument for that reason, so they could entertain the family on cold nights.  Of course there was always some music at church, and perhaps that is one reason church was so important to them back then. 

I wonder just how many of my ancestors possesed the gift of music, and became one who entertained others on weekends?  I can assure you they didn’t pass it down to me, I have tried different interment, but never been able to master any.   You certainly wouldn’t want to hear me sing, unless maybe you were trying to scare someone off.

It’s the little questions like this, that intrigue me, and start me thinking.  Things that I take for granted, until I realize that they were not exactly common in the old days.  I suppose that is one reason I enjoy reading old memoirs, or diaries.  I love to learn the little things, the stuff that made life interesting and fun.

Quote of the Day:
"A thing is not necessarily true because badly uttered, nor false because spoken magnificently.”
--Saint Augustine of Hippo



kkipp said...

I believe I remember Mother saying that her maternal grandfather (G'ma Ethel's dad) had a wonderful singing voice, and attributed it (and the dark blue eyes we've inherited from him)to our Welsh line.



kkipp said...

P.S. Music is very much a part of my daily life--for calm at work, pep during house cleaning, engaging background whilst jotting comments in one or other of my wee Bro's blogs, etc.

Though I do not play an instrument, I've been told I have a passing fair voice (perhaps I inherited that from Great Grand Dad too?)

kkipp said...

P.S.S. If you ever get the chance, catch the stage musical "Quilters." It was created by a local playwrite while I was working at the DCTC, and captures the music, and daily lives, of the women and their families who made the great migration in covered wagons to the west. It was only after I took G'ma Schweer to that show that she stopped telling people I was an "English Major" and admitted that I was in theater and theater might not be such a bad thing after all.

She particularly related to the grass fire scene, and recounted a story from her youth on the Nebraska prairie.

Eric S. said...

I didn't know about that Great Grandfather. Music was certainly a part of mothers life growing up.

I can picture Grandma Schweer, with her determined views on theater, LOL.

Music plays a larger part in my life than I realize sometimes. I seem to always have some music playing, even if it's not very loud. The background of soft music creates a somber ambiance that is conducive to creativity.

kkipp said...

I thoroughly enjoy Pandora internet radio when I'm at home on the computer. You can custom-create your own radio channels. Have I already told you about Pandora?