Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Wednesdays Genealogy Blog Round Up, # 4

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It’s Wednesday once again, and darn near Thursday for that matter.  I’m going to have to get this post written and up before I lose that privilege of calling this a Wednesday post.  Things have been pretty hectic and fast paced around here lately.  Between all the information I obtained from the free search weekend on, and a very recent find on RootsWeb, of a whole side to my Grandparents family, I’ve been real busy.  Not to mention, my Aunt is forwarding transcribed sections of a book on the Softley / Griggs family (my paternal grandmothers side) from England, so I have been in seventh heaven of late. 

Enough with the excuses, shame on me for not keeping my posts regular.  Let’s get on with the business at hand.  Perhaps some of you may be researching your Irish roots!  Well, how about a blog with a solid Irish title and feel.  Brophy’s Irish Genealogy Blog, is a place you might find a few tips and tricks to help you along your way.  This fine Irish info-pub, is packed with articles ranging from news of an Irish archeological dig to the 1901 Irish census being posted on line.  I’ll be spending some time over there before long, for I have a few ancestors who came from the green Isle. 

One of my favorite blogs, The Family Curator, is authored by a Denise Levenick, a fun and creative writer.  She shares all kinds of useful information dealing with genealogy, and research.  There are a few tech tips as well, like how to auto generate consecutive numbers in MS Word.   There are discussions on topics such as, whether to photograph or photocopy historic documents.  How about reading about the four tried and true systems for genealogical research.   Topics any weekend genealogist would be interested in.  She also adds the personal touch of sharing family stories through her “Family Road Trip” posts.  Just recently, she shared the sad news that she lost her mother, but did so in a true genealogical way, sharing important dates and events in her mothers life.

How about a blog by a full time, certified genealogist.  Paula’s Genealogical Eclectica, is loaded with very helpful resources and tricks.  You’ll find reports of the successful projects and conferences she attends, and all kinds of information about different genealogical societies.  She also posts articles about the release of new records, and where to find them. 

Perhaps you like doing a little cemetery stalking.  Take a look at Tombstone Territory, and tour any number of cemeteries whenever you desire.  You’ll find pictures of tombstones, and other intriguing items here.

Well, that should do it for tonight, and It’s still before midnight, so I still qualify for the “Wednesday” tag.  I hope you all have a wonderful night / morning, and enjoy your genealogical research.

Quote of the Day:
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Alan Burnett said...

There are some very useful links here, I will follow some of them up. Thanks.

Eric S. said...

My Pleasure Alan.