Sunday, October 10, 2010

Simplicity Sunday

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Image by Today is a good day via Flickr
Sundays are so pleasant, always silent and soulful.  Personally I’m not much of a church person, my chapel is the outdoors, and Mother Nature in general.  However, my ancestors were fairly well centered around the church.  As a matter of fact, the church played a consistent role in their lives.   The nice thing about this is that I can find many records in the churches, pertaining to births, baptisms, marriages, and all kinds of other things.  It’s amazing to me just how much this helps to paint a picture of who they were. 

If you can find out what denomination your ancestors were, and then search those churches in the areas they lived, you just might find a treasure trove of information.   Religion often played a large part in the decision to immigrate, and other important choices in our ancestors life.  It’s only fitting that the church records delineate the moments that were important to them. 

Thankfully, most churches are, and were, very diligent in their record keeping.  Without some of these records, I know I would be at a brick wall on many of my ancestors. 
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