Sunday, October 24, 2010

A Temporary Pause

This is a False Sunrise, a very particular kin...

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I have started a new job.  After completing a short but rather tough course of study, I will be embarking on my new career tomorrow.  I’ll be driving, over the road, and not have easy access to the internet.  I have not been able to get a lap top as yet, and until I can afford one, I will be putting my blogging activities on hold. 

Hopefully before long, I will be able to get a decent laptop, and continue my hobbies on line.  Until that time, I sadly must say a temporary farewell to the blogosphere.  I’ll be thinking of all my friends, and keeping notes in many a journal in hopes of finding that frequent dream and fun stories. I wish all of you success, and will eventually return to join in the fun once again.


Kel said...

Who knows, once you get fully independent in the new job you might occasionally find yourself near a town on the family history map with a bit of time to spare for digging around church records or graveyards.

We're not doing much travel right now, as I'm trying to accrue as much PTO as possible in case my employer goes through another downsizing and I find myself on the wrong end of the process.

Eric S. said...

Ahh, I have been through Nebraska, and anticipate a chance to visit there often. Not to mention Missouri and a few other location.

I may even make it out to that far western state called California, where I just might be able to visit with me elder Sis.

Heather said...

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