About the Author

Who am I?  A good question indeed, one I often wonder about myself.  The easy answer, is that I'm just a small town mountain boy, frequently dreaming of times and places long past.  The more difficult answer, is that I'm a man who keeps searching for his place in this world.  I'm a jack of all trades, master of none. 

I was born Eric Schweer in the big city of Denver, Colorado.  Within a few days, I was taken to the only place I will ever truly call home.  Fairplay Co. sitting high in the mountains west of Denver at an elevation of nine thousand nine hundred and some feet, (we claim 10,000).  I was baptized in the Sheldon Jackson Memorial Church, and given the baptismal name William to honor my paternal Great Great Grandfather and his father, Whispering Bill.  My maternal Grandfather, who assigned nick names to all the grandchildren, saddled me with the moniker my siblings still use, Rico.

My child hood was an idyllic amalgamation of wonderful memories.  The youngest of four, I was always the "protected" one.  No mater who I was with, no one was allowed to pick on me except that particular sibling.  I had a fabulous youth, romping around the mountains and wilderness that became my "chapel" in life.  I'm not a religous person in such that I attend a church or claim a specific denomination.  I can be very spiritual about the outdoors and mother nature with all her beauties and beasts.  Managing to stay out of serious trouble, I had my fair share of mischievous escapades.

I inherited my love of nature, and I suppose most of my traits from my Father, a silent, loving, and charitable man.  He bestowed upon me a love of reading and acquiring knowledge from books and life in general.  He also instilled in me, a belief system of the old west, hard work and honesty, accompanied by ingenuity and loyalty, are worth more than money or material possessions.  His charitable nature led him to voluteer for many functions within the community such as search and rescue, ambulance service, mounted posse, School ski program, and many more.  Following his example, I did many of the same things in my young adulthood.  Memories of my fathers spirit keep me pushing forward and I suppose always will.

My Mother was a hard working, dedicated professional in the medical field.  A nurse for nearly 50 years she finally retired to the mountains of New Mexico.  She spent her entire professional life helping others and improving the hospital systems of many states.  Now in her retirement, she has not let the ball drop, and is pursuing her masters in nursing.  She has also compiled her memoirs into a fabulous story she calls Passages of Time.  I hope she has it published at some point.

As for me, I have varied my life experiences, serving in the Army, working for the State Highway Dept., Patroling the streets of my home town and county in unifrom for 9 years, working as a heavy equipment mechanic, owning my own wrecker service, and working as a plumber.   I never lost my love of the outdoors, and often make trips to commune with Mother Nature.  I found that I enjoy writing, and have started and maintained many blogs.  Writing about any number of things on all of them, and even a little fiction here and there.  I married in the same church where I was baptized, to a woman from the south, I fell in love with in that sleepy little mountain town.  She dragged me, kicking and screaming the whole way, to the flatlands of Texas where I remain so far.

My siblings, two girls and one boy, have followed their own individuality, and are spread around the US.  We search now, for the trail our ancestors left behind.  Following faint footprints through time, to find the stories and traditions hidden there.