Here is a list of names I'm researching.  All are within my tree, and I would like to follow up on any possible links to ancestral lineage.  I will notate locations associated with these names to the side of them.  If you have any information or if a name ties in with one your researching, contact me.  Perhaps we can help each other out, and benefit from the networking.  I'm also interested in any stories about people in my lineage, or even publications. 

Allen, Elizabeth Circa 1800-1880 Wife of James Terris.  Albert County New Brunswick.

Brasier, Alice Circa 1597-1686 Wife of Thomas Makepeace, England then Boston Ma.

Browne, John Circa 1630-1697 Husband of Ester Makepeace Gloucester-shire England then Boston Ma.

Butterbrut, Dorthea Circa 1775-1850 wife of Moritz Wedekind, unknown locations. Granddaughter, Sophia Louisa Schweer was born in Washington Il.

Cavin, Margaret Circa 1821-1908 Wife of John McCullough who died in Riple In.

Coultern, Anna, Unknown dates, mother of Dorehtea Butterbrut above, Married to Cord Butterbrut.

Cooper, Josiah Circa 1650-1750 Husband of Waitwalia Makepeace, Gloucester-shire England then Boston Ma.

Copeland, James Circa 1880-1960 Husband of Henrietta Terris Springhill Nova Scotia.

Davis, William Circa 1953-1736 Husband of Mary Makepeace Freetown, Bristol, Ma.

Fenton, John Circa 1802-1860 married to an unknown girl from Ireland 1808-1830 He was born in England, and died in New Brunswick.

Flashbart, Catherine Circa 1736-1787, Married to Johan Wedekind. Unknown locations.

Frame, Elizabeth Circa 1800-? Married to George Moore England and Nova Scotia, Gays River.

Goswell, Sarah Circa 1580-1640 Married to John Makepeace Burton Dassett, Warwickshire, England.

Griggs, Sarah Circa 1836-1889 Married to James Softley, Elsie Nb.

Harvey, Robert Circa Circa 1870-1930 Married to Lavinia Terris Albert New Brunswick

Hasemann, Sophia Circa 1700-? Married to Heinrich Stahlhut. Unknown location, but I suspect Germany.

Hawks (Hawkes), Mary Ann, Circa 1830-1900 Married to William Fenton of New Brunswick.

Hopkins Stephen Circa 1625-? Married to Hannah Makepeace England.

Hyatt, John Circa 1828-1887 Married to Elizabeth Whitham, Unknown Location.  Their Granddaughter Elaine Softley ended up in Elsie Nebraska.

Jeffries, James Circa Circa 1820-? Married to Sara Wright Unknown location, decendants ended up in Nebraska.

Johnson, Ann Circa 1640-1681, Married to William Makepeace Freetown, Bristol, Ma.

Jurgens, Wilhemira, Circa 1822-1902, Married to Heinrich (Henry) Schweer Unknown location, but I suspect Germany.

Kelso, Archibald Prior to1835, Marries to Liza MaAdams, Father of Thomas Kelso

Kahl, Deitrich, Circa 1730-1806, Married to Dorothea Stahlhut, I suspect in Germany.

Lee, Liza, Circa 1800-? Married to Johnathon Wright, Mother of Sarah Caroline Wright, Iowa, or Ma.

Makepeace, Henry, Circa 1455-1537, Married to Elizabeth, England.

McAdams, Liza, Prior to 1835, Married to Archibald Kelso, Mother of Thomas Kelso.

McCullough, David Prior to 1850, Married to Margaret Cavin, father of Scott.

McPhee, Mary Isobel, Circa 1844-1877, Married to Samuel Moore, SCotland, and Nova Scotia, New Brunswick.

Meineken, Margaret, prior to 1709, Married to Casper Wedekind. Mother of Casper, Grandmother of Johan Heinrich Wedekind.

Moore, George, 1808-? Married to Elizabeth Frame, Nova Scotia, Gays River possibly with the first settlers of the area.

Pfingsten, Juliana, 1727-? Married to Johan Phillip Sheld Mother of Johan Christian.

Pitt, Thomas, 1816-1882, Married to Mary Ann Spencer, Father of Robert Dyken Pitt, New Brunswick.

Porter, Samuel, 1710-1761, Married to Remember Makpeace, father of Elisha Porter, Possibly Lebanon, New London, Ct.

Russ, Miriam, Circa, 1730-? Married to Elisha Porter Mother of Rhoda Elizabeth Porter. New London, Ct.

Rode, Johan Christoph, 1715-? Married to Scholte, Marie Charlet, father of Dorothea Rode.

Roden, Maria, 1780-1823, Married Johan Cord Hartmann, mother of Catherine Maria Hartman.

Scholte, Maria Charlotte, 1720-1792, Married Johan Christoph Rode. Mother of Dorethea Rode.

Schweer, Heinrich (Henry), 1812-1904, Married to Wilhemira (miine) Jurgen. Father of Henry Schweer.

Sinclaire, Evangline Elizabeth, 1854-? Married David Moore, Mother of Walter Moore, Gays River Nova Scotia.

Softley, James, 1829-1894, Married to Sarah Griggs, Father of Elaine Softley, Elsie Nebraska.

Spencer, Mary Ann, 1839-1924 Married to Thomas Pitt, Mother of Robert Dykin Pitt.  Scottland, and Gays River Nova Scotia.

Stalhut, Heinrich, 1912-? Married to Sophia Hasemann, father of Dorothea Stalhut.

Tinzle, Elanor, Prior to 1825, Mother of Johan Cord Hartman.

Tipton, Reuben, Prior to 1840, Father of Mary Elizabeth Tipton.

Tisdale, Abegail, 1667-? Married William Makepeace, mother of Remember Makepeace.  Tauton Ma.

Wagners, Anna Isabel, unknown maiden name, Prior to 1725, Married Johan Heinrich Wedekind.

Warner, Dorothie, 1518-? Married Richard Makepeace, Mother of William Makepeace. Chippingwarden England.

Wedekind, Casper Heinrich Sr. Prior to 1690. Married Margarette Meineken. Father of Casper Heinrich.

Whitham, Elizabeth, 1832-1892, Married John Hyatt. Mother of ALice Hyatt.

Wren, John Prior to 1830.  Father of America Ann Wren.

Wright, Johnathon, Prior to 1820, Married Liza Lee.  Father of Sarah Caroline Wright.