Research Links

Here you will find tools I have located and used on the Internet.  They are all free, but sometimes lead you to links that are hosted by paid sites like, requiring a membership or some form of payment to view the information.  If the information is on a paid site, many times you can find it elsewhere for free.

World Connect Project at RootsWeb.  This is a search engine that allows you to search your ancestors names, sur and given, along with other information you have such as place and date of birth or death.  I have found it most useful when searching just the names.  Often when you put in too much information, the results may miss that record that was misspelled or incorrect.

Family Group Sheet Project at RootsWeb.   Search over 31,584 family group sheets that have been loaded on their servers.  Sometimes you can get very lucky and find information or a contact that has information about your ancestors.

US GenWeb Archives.  Allows you to search free access records such as Census, Marriage, Immigrations, Church Projects, Obit Projects, Court Projects, and so much more.  There is a lot of information out there, and not all states are participating, so make sure yours is., allows you to search names and other information of ancestors.  Limiting the information you search sometimes results in more possible matches.  It's always best to remember that other peoples records may have errors in them.  Either due to simple typos, or incorrect base information.

Footnotes is a place you can find all kinds of old documents and photos.  They have a fabulous collection of Civil War records, Revelutionary war records, Contonental Congress records, Census records, and the list goes on.  They offer a basic membership for free, but to actualy view many of the records, you should subscribe to an upgraded membership.

Nova Scotia Vital Statistics. Is a site I have used with fabulous results. You can search birth, marriage, and death records in Nova Scotia.  Within the results, you get to view pictures of the actual records, that are easily magnified for ease of reading.

Nova Scotia Genealogy Records, is a list of genealogy records available on line. AN excellent place to check for sites you can search for ancestor names.

Canada GenWeb Cemetery Project. Is a list of cemeteries that have recorded the tombstones on line.  many of them even have photos of the tombstones.

New Brunswick Provincial Archives.  Much like the Nova Scotia Vital Statistics, you can search birth, marriage, and death records for your ancestors names.

GenForum at is a listing of forums discussing particular Surnames.  All you have to do is search for the Surname your interested in, and then plow through thousands of forum entries.

GenWiki, Is a German Language genealogy resource.  You can find all kinds of family trees and information about specific areas of Germany. 

More sites will be added as I find them, be sure to check back often.