About Footprints In Time

Following the footprints of ancestors through time
Welcome to Footprints In Time, a Genealogical blog for the Schweer Family.  We are researching our family roots, and will be posting pictures and stories about what we find, here.  Please feel free to look around and explore my history with me.

I have just recently caught the genealogy bug, but my Sisters and Mother have had it for some time.  As anyone who has searched out their family history knows, the process can become an adventure in and of itself. Not to mention the thrill of finding a tiny shred of evidence thats leads to that breakthrough extending your family tree back generation after generation.  It can also be extremely frustrating and expensive at times.

As I go through the process, finding on-line sources and links to research sites, I will post them to help anyone else out there trying to find their own history.  There are hundreds of genealogy sites out there and many of them require a subscription fee.  At the same time there are many that are free, or offer limited resources for no charge.  In this day and age, money is always an issue, so I will post article about those sites as I find them.  I'll be maintaining a links page, that will contain links to all the resources I find on line.  If you know of resources not listed, please let me know so I can add it to the list for the benefit of everyone. 

I've noticed that most of us searching out our heritage, are very helpful to each other.  There are an amazing number of blogs dedicated to the research of their family names.  Many times, those names can tie in with another person looking for a tendril of their past.  So I'll also be posting links to those blog sites, and maintain a separate links page for them.  There will also be a blog list in our sidebar with Genealogy blogs I will be keeping in touch with.  If you have a genealogy blog, and don't find yourself in that page, please contact me and I'll add it.

Often, networking is the key to finding those breakthroughs that seem to be so elusive. In that spirit, I'll have a page listing the names we're researching, please have a look, and if any of them are names you're researching, click on the contact tab and perhaps we can help each other.  I'll share any information I obtain freely, please don't be afraid to ask.

I hope you find the stories and photographs posted here interesting and entertaining.  Perhaps even, I can help some of those just starting out, perhaps cut the learning curve just a little bit.  Thank you for visiting, and please come back often.
"Remember, remember always, that all of us, and you and I especially, are descended from immigrations and revolutionists."  Franklin D. Roosevelt